Beginners guide of the dominoqq terpercaya


There are very few people who do not know about the dominoqq online. It is one of the old and best games available between us from ancient times. Some players want to play and win gambling games but do not know how? So to overcome this problem, we have taken this article that is the beginner’s guide and provided you with playing information on dominoqq games.

Let us now explain the way to play dominoqq games. Before we start, we would like to tell you that you must focus more on how to play it the first time. Usually, the dominoqq games are played using cards, a total of 28 pieces. In this, four cards are given to every player by the game’s dealer.

Play guide of dominoqq for beginners

  • Usually, it is determined that the dominoqq terpercaya games are easy to play.
  • In the first round, three cards are given to every player. After that, players have to muster mine whether the card values are good for them, or
  • If you feel that the card values are good, then you should continue. Else pause the game by folding or withdrawing.
  • If they continue, then the player gets one more card in the game
  • In the one round of the dominoqq online, 2 to 6 players are allowed to enter and play on their opposite sides.
  • After some time, the player gets the four cards that will be split into two pairs to achieve the highest value.
  • Once you gain the highest value, then it means you are a winner and are now able to withdraw all bets.

How do you determine the highest value?

You must know that the dominoqq online has the highest value of 9, subtracted with nine and known as the QQ. Calculating the highest value is very easy, where the players need to determine the circles on the red card.

Two cards help to determine the highest value that is later added up if the remaining number appears to be more than nine. If the card value of both comes to 9, then indeed, you are declared the winner. And if any cards show more than the 9, it does not make you win.


In this article, you will get all information on the play guide for beginners in playing dominoqq terpercaya, so they get a good knowledge of the game cards. Here you also get the details on determining the highest value cards to analyze the winner.